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Oct 2, 2023 - Dec 22, 2023

Fall/Winter 2023 Challenge

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As many of you know I will be out on maternity leave until the new year! This 12 week challenge is meant to encourage and support you through my maternity leave! I hope this gives you motivation to workout while I'm away and encourages you to stay strong until we can be reunited in the new year with in person trainings! You’ll have weekly and monthly goals - weekly check ins and daily workouts! We will cover workouts, nutrition, water and emotional health too! At the end you’ll not only be stronger but you’ll also have a plan of action going forward for the healthiest you! This isn’t a weight loss challenge - but weight loss can be your goal - this challenge will instead focus on setting goals, sticking to goals and setting up workout routines you can stick to! The holiday season and cold setting in can be hard when it comes to sticking to a fitness routine. This challenge will help you stick to a plan during all that!

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Fall/Winter 2023 Challenge

Fall/Winter 2023 Challenge

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