Apr 4, 2022 - May 27, 2022

Spring into Fitness!

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Start your Spring off strong with new workouts and new goals! This 8 week support group is meant to encourage and support you through two months of workouts! You’ll have weekly and monthly goals - weekly check ins and daily workouts! We will cover all your workouts, nutrition, water and talk emotional health too! At the end you’ll not only be stronger but you’ll also have a plan of action going forward for the healthiest you! This isn’t a weight loss challenge - but weight loss can be your goal - this challenge will instead focus on setting goals, sticking to goals and setting up workout routines you can stick to! One lucky winner at the end will win training to continue on their fitness journey! *the judging will not be based on weight but instead on completing goals and check ins.

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Catrina Kitonyi
Catrina Kitonyi


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